I don’t want to be another brick in the wall

Few days ago I was giving a lecture on peace building and reconciliation and our group had a very good discussion about some of the issues and challenges that our societies are facing. It was in a religious context but the principles of good and healthy relationships vs bad and broken ones are the same…Read more I don’t want to be another brick in the wall

Navigating through fake news, stupid news and no news

Honestly I feel very challenged. This is getting harder and harder and some days my brain simply revolts and screams at me. "Stop stretching me so thin! Stop feeding me this stuff! Give me something good to chew and digest that will bring life! Give me a break... period." We are taught to be critical…Read more Navigating through fake news, stupid news and no news

Shape of my heart

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. So, what? The world does not seem very peaceful; many relationships strained or broken; armed conflicts and rumors of wars in too many places; resources and environment being fought over; refugees in millions; fundamentalists clashing with libertarians; anxiety and fear in the headlines; elections becoming so divisive…Read more Shape of my heart

Should I hang out with “wrong Christians”?

"There are some people I would rather avoid and never interact with. I wish they would not speak in public or social media. I wish they would just be quiet and keep their thoughts to themselves. And I wish they did not broadcast themselves as "Christians" because I do not want to be associated with…Read more Should I hang out with “wrong Christians”?

Peek into my library…

One of my New Year resolutions is to read even more books. I love reading and through the work and travels I have collected a small library. Unfortunately my library is scattered - most books are in Latvia, many in USA and a few in Thailand. I have a dream that one day I will…Read more Peek into my library…

Discovering empathy, hospitality and embrace

When I was 18 years old and left home for the first time, I stayed in Oslo, Norway. I went to help some relatives of mine with childcare and they gave me an opportunity to experience the beautiful Norway and its culture. During the week I went to study Norwegian in a class for immigrants.…Read more Discovering empathy, hospitality and embrace

The old man who is still looking for peace

You never know who you may meet while traveling. Last week I spent some long hours on the plane from Riga - Moscow - Bangkok. Sometimes you have an encounter and think, "Interesting timing! Why am I meeting this person here and now?" When boarding the plane in Moscow, I noticed that I would sit…Read more The old man who is still looking for peace

When fear drives out love…

Sometimes I look like this. At least mentally and emotionally. Like the little frightened and confused Gollum with voices in my head. One voice that talks about love, trust, forgiveness, reconciliation, hope and the other voice – full of fear, mistrust, hopelessness, bitterness, unforgiveness... I talked about being a good listener but there are times…Read more When fear drives out love…