Tale as old as time: My tribe against yours

So, I was thinking about our tribalism in Europe and elsewhere and suddenly remembered one of my favorite children's stories, "Ronia the Robber's Daughter" by Astrid Lindgren. It is truly one of my favorite books and I have read it many times. I can still experience the same emotions I had when I read it…Read more Tale as old as time: My tribe against yours

Define ‘happy’ and ‘new year’

A Rwandan friend of mine posted a question on Facebook: "what does 'happy new year' mean?" He inspired me to write my own response. It is January 1, 2016... the first day of a new year. We measure time by counting years but I like to think more in terms of 'seasons'. There is no…Read more Define ‘happy’ and ‘new year’

Enough of Supersize Fear

If there is universal word and emotion in 2015, it is Fear. Phobia. Anxiety. Paranoia. This is nothing new for humankind even if we somehow think that the challenges are unique to our times and situation. Just study history, autobiographies,  ancient literature like the Bible and see that people and nations have always struggled with…Read more Enough of Supersize Fear

Best wishes for Latvia

What can I wish my country on this anniversary? Latvia is celebrating 97 years of independence which was declared on November 18, 1918! My grandmother is almost as old as our republic. At 92 years, she has lived a long and eventful life together with her nation. When it was new and developing fast; when…Read more Best wishes for Latvia

Part One: Unfinished business with our neighbors

Have you noticed that once you start paying attention to a certain thing or topic, it seems to appear everywhere? When I started my journey of ‘peaceroads’ and started thinking and studying about forgiveness and restored relationships in a deeper and intentional way, suddenly I heard the word “reconciliation” a lot. Is it just me…Read more Part One: Unfinished business with our neighbors